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"A Diverse range of Musical Knowledge"

La Folie was founded in 2016 by Luke Haydn: Harpsichordist, Organist and Composer. It all began in the Autumn of 2016, with a successful premiere concert at St Mary's church, East Lavant. 

The orchestra consists of members from various backgrounds, and a good mix of generations young and old. We view the diverse experiences and knowledge of the members of the consort as one of our key strengths! 

We pride ourselves on looking deeply into the history that surrounds the music we perform, in such a way that creates a historically informed performance, even down to the typefaces of the sheet music we play from. Original manuscripts and several editions are deeply perused for each concert to ensure the notes we play are as close to how the composer intended as we can achieve.

We love to hear about new developments in Early Music and Historically Informed developments, which allows us to keep our finger on the pulse of what the latest discoveries are in Baroque Music, and to bring them to you!

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